Rarandoyi Veduka Chuddam Movie Review


Critics rating: 3.0

User rating: 4.0

Director : Kalyan Krishna                                                          
Producer : Nagarjuna Akkineni                                                          
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad                                                                  
Starring : Naga Chaithanya, Rakul Preeth Singh                                                    
There are people who take inspirations from famous movies and there are others who follow the template blindly. As far as Kalyan Krishna Kurasala seems to belong to the second category. He tries hard to keep the screen alive and  struggles to make audience believe in the proceedings. But he misses one thing that Krishna Vamsi did have once, method to madness. Kalyan tries to recreate Vamsi’s typical world trying to his ape Ninne Pelladutha and Murari, but doesn’t really get into the skin of it. But he manages to shine here and there with few good jokes. Well, let’s dive into the details… 
In a village,  Krishna (Jagapathi Babu), Aadi (Sampath Raj) and Prabhakar are thickest friends but one incident creates a rift between Krishna and Aadi. In Aadi’s family, Bhramarambha (Rakul Preet Singh) is the only girl child in current generation. So every one except her mother(Kousalya), treat her like a queen. With so much attention and love, Bhramarambha grows into an innocent and caring young woman.
Whole family attends a close relative’s marriage and there she meets Shiva (Naga Chaitanya). Shiva falls for her instantly and slowly a friendship builds between them. Bhramarambha shifts to Vizag from her village for MBA and there she grows even closer to Shiva. But Bhramarambha sees him as a friend while Shiva wants more. So, could he make Bhramarambha understand his love? What will be their parents reaction? How everything resolves? Watch it on screen to know the answers .. 
Naga Chaitanya looks at ease in few parts and imitated his father, in several scenes too. He still has few problems in landing the comic timing perfectly but he improved leaps and bounds in action and emotional scenes. His acting in break up scene and most part of second hour redeems his performance. We can say he is improving and that’s one positive in the movie.
Rakul Preet Singh got best character in her career after Venkatadri Express. She looks beautiful, shares great chemistry with Chaitanya and has solid role too. 
Jagapathi Babu is a good character actor and he should keep that streak going with different roles. In this movie, he doesn’t have much to do and that doesn’t fit well in the scheme of things. Sampath Raj pulls off a routine father character with ease. All other actors, Prithvi Raj, Kousalya, Sapthagiri, Raghu Babu are under utilised. Vennela Kishore lands the jokes perfectly and his scenes provide required relief to the audience. 
Editor Gautham Raju, should be credited for bringing a sense of flow to the film. It looks disjointed majorly during the first 20 minutes but then one forgets that in the second hour as he paces the movie well. Seems like many scenes have been edited out to achieve the final cut, what we see in the theatres. 
Cinematography by Vishwa is colorful and eye pleasing. He tried few new framing and staging concepts to the lead characters meeting scenes and they workout pretty well as per his work, point of view. But in the larger picture they make no difference to the scenes. 
Music and Back ground score by Devi Sri Prasad is the major highlight for this routine family love drama. His songs like Rarandoyi Veduka Chuddam and Bhramarambha ki nacchesanu, are hummable. But none of them are picturized well on screen. Filling up screen with flowers and actors doesn’t make for a celebration. His back ground score even though good, doesn’t really sync with the scenes on screen. 
Writer – Director, Kalyan Krishna Kurasala had a great producer and hero in his first film, Akkineni Nagarjuna. The senior actor with his charm carried the thin plot really well in Soggade Chinni Nayana and the director too showed talent in handling such a bold and absurd storyline. Here, he tries regular plot that we have seen in many movies with typical characterisations. 
Alas, he fails in accessing the talents of his leads and even he de-rails the script after a point. He tries hard to catch up with an already bored audience during the second hour but only manages to save face in the final act. His jokes, characters, situations everything in the movie gives you a feeling that you’re watching a tribute video by a fan to Ninne Pelladutha, Murari, Ye Maaya Chesave, Parugu, Bommarillu and many more. Had he concentrated more on bringing up some fresh ideas to the table, he would have succeeded in making an enjoyable film. Even in exploring the natural chemistry between the actors, he fails after a point. 
Movie raised good expectations with music and had a great publicity with Chalapathi Rao controversy. But it doesn’t completely utilise the potential it had during its runtime. At one point, audience feels like they are watching a collection of old scenes that don’t gel well with each other.
Anyways, the writing and the movie, improves with Break up scene in the second hour and Vennela Kishore’s antics here and there, lets the movie be a one time watch with difficulty. On the whole, this is one celebration that needed lot more efforts from the director and writers to shine even brighter. 

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