Nakshatram Movie Review


Critics rating: 3.0

User rating: 4.0


Ramarao (Sandeep Kishan) dreams of becoming a police from childhood. When he is about to attend for SI selections for last time he is obstructed by Rahul (Tanish), arrogant son of commissioner. Ramarao loses hope of becoming police and attempts suicide. He’s saved by his uncle (Sivaji Raja) who is also a police and motivates him that he’s born to be a police.
Ramarao wears Khakhi uniform of a dynamic police officer named Alexander (Sai Dharam) gifted by uncle and starts catching criminals. On one such occasion he encounters with Mastan Bhai, a smuggler and terrorist. Alexander had been missing in action since he was on a mission. Cops arrest Ramarao for wearing Alexander’s uniform and pretending as police.
Can Ramarao prove his innocence? What happened to Alexander? What is his unfulfilled mission? Curious to know the answers? You need to watch Nakshatram.


Nakshatram is an out and out commercial potboiler. Krishna Vamsi seems to have attempted the film as a tribute to police department. Nakshatram has got interesting storyline of an aspiring cop gets into the uniform of a missing sincere IPS officer and accomplishes his mission. Director lost the soul of the film in midway. He resorted to too many mass and commercial elements deviating from the plot.
The film has too much of glam-sham, desperate skin show of heroines. Songs are flashy and noisy. Screenplay of the film is uneven. Narration loses grip in the second half. There are many loose ends in the script. It clearly shows how negligently Krishna Vamsi has made the movie. He seems to be confident that mass audience would love to watch skimpy dressed actresses and forget the story but that’s not the case today.
Sundeep Kishan gave his best performance till date but it all has wasted in this clumsy film. Regina has nothing more to do than change as many as costumes, reveal as much as she can. Sai Dharam Tej doesn’t suit the role. The character ought to be a powerful officer like lion who’s backstabbed. Neither Sai Dharam’s appearance nor did his dialogue delivery match the role.
The character is complete disappointment and the film is 3/4th ruined with it. Pragya Jaiswal does all the bashing more than the heroes. Production values are okay but all that were misused or over used by Krishna Vamsi to make it look like his film. Everything appears gaudy with heavy colors. Most of the supporting cast over act. Over all the film is a wasted attempt.
Heroines glamour
Sundeep Kishan performance
Cluttered screenplay
Poor character design
Silly scenes without logic
Verdict: Nakshatram is old fashioned cop drama

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